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Here is a list of articles that I have written on this website. Though they have been classified under various categories, most of the articles cover aspects from other categories as well. After all, everything contributes to the final photograph, starting from photography equipment all the way to the finesse of photography techniques and visualization.

Quick links to the sub-topics:
Random Thoughts
Improving Photography
Camera and Lens
Life in the Hills
Bonus: Articles from Maini’s Hill Cottages

Here is the detailed list of the articles:

Random Thoughts – Writings on photography

Travel – Articles on various trips

Improving Photography – Tips and guidance to improve photography

Fundamentals – Basics of photography

Darkroom – Tips on post-processing (present-day darkroom)

Camera and Lens – The core equipment for photography. Some suggestions and guidance on cameras and lenses

Accessories – Practical views on photography related accessories

Reviews – Reviews of some photography equipment that I could not find on the internet. This includes some not-so-common lenses, accessories, and even some odd-ball items related to photography.

Life in the Hills – This is about adapting to life in the hills, and thoughts that cross my mind while sitting idle. Nothing to do with photography!

Bonus: Articles from Maini’s Hill Cottages – Articles from (opens in new window/tab)

Stream on rocks

(Mountain Stream – Nikon Df with a 25mm lens)

Many more topics are yet to come. Do keep checking in. Your feedback is important. Please use the Contact page to get in touch with me.

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