On the trail of Cascades & Waterfalls

With the onset of monsoons, the nature starts to reinvent itself. The trees turn green. New leaves every where. Mountain streams start filling up and many small cascades and waterfalls appear. Yesterday the incessant rain took a short break. I immediately hit the road with my camera, tripod and a few snacks to munch on.


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Over the last few years, selfie has taken over the mobile camera users by storm. There are mobiles everywhere and now every mobile is equipped with some kind of camera. Selfie is the ‘in-thing’. My family members are crazy about selfies.

In fact, the last time when I went to purchase my mobile phone, the salesman kept on telling me about the features and capabilities of the camera in the phone. I had to interrupt him multiple times and explain that I wanted to buy a phone to be used as a phone and not a camera. People buy phones for camera capabilities now and so obsession with selfies was bound to become popular.

Taking a Selfie (CC0 License)

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Another Hill Trip – Phone vs Camera!

Hills pull me towards them. Couple of days back, I had gone to visit the hills, once again. Plan was made on the spur of a moment and soon everything was packed and I was ready to travel- my camera bag, a book and then my clothes (in the same order). I started off in the afternoon. It was raining heavily. The roads were deserted even in the middle of the day. Sometimes it felt like as if I was driving under a waterfalls. Quite a downpour.

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Phone camera for photography

Today a friend told me that he has been using his mobile phone camera to do photography. Were there any quick tips to help him?

In my opinion, camera never matters. Any good camera can be used, even the built in cameras from mobiles. Good photographs are created by the people behind the camera. First step to creating good photos is to learn the functioning of the camera itself. (Knowing my camera) Depending on the mobile phone, the camera may have various settings available. Color temperature, exposure Value and compensation, High Dynamic Range (HDR), flash, option to use manual settings, various built in filters. Each of these should be explored and understood.


(Seawall made of cement stones – clicked using Oppo R2001)

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