10 Fears that bind photographers down

Every photographer wants to create masterpieces. Buying a camera is easy, learning the basics is also not difficult. Next comes learning to visualize and compose. Ideas start forming in the minds that get expressed using powerful photographs. However there is small problem here that prevents most photographers from progressing to artistically creative from their technically sound status. Each and every photographer has some fears which prevent this metamorphosis.


(Mooring – Nikon D200 with Nikkor 18-35mm lens)

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Common Mistakes in Photography

Mistake 1. Wrong camera settings
So you took the camera out late yesterday night and did some amazing available light photography. Now in the morning, the ISO is set at 800 or still higher. Say hello to super noisy pictures with a false feeling of comfort on seeing high shutter speeds or small apertures. ISO, Exposure Compensation, Aperture or shutter priority or completely manual settings and autofocus mode make it to my checklist. I make it a point to check all these things before any photo shoot. If pilots can have a pre-takeoff checklist and hospitals can have a pre-operative check-list, why can’t photographers? Make your own check-list based on the camera settings that have messed up your earlier photography attempts and check it religiously before every photography session. Getting friendly with the camera and its various settings is the first step towards nirvana in photography.

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