Traveling with Photography Equipment

Vacations are fun. More so if they come after a long period of daily work grind. For me, vacations are an opportunity to enjoy photography. (Further reading – Family Trips and Photography) Traveling can be a challenge with photography equipment. Airlines have their own rules. Crossing international borders have their own norms. To top it the security of precious photography equipment weighs down on minds. So here is a small list of things to consider when you plan your next holiday trip.


(Clouds – Nikon D200 with Nikkor 50mm, f/8, 1/250 sec, ISO – 100. Clicked this photograph on a flight. The in-flight movies never interest me.)

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Family Trips and Photography

Family trips are a golden opportunity for most people like me to indulge in photography as well as have some time with family. Even if it is another city next to mine or an exotic holiday destination, photo-opportunities abound. In the language of management gurus, such trips give access to low hanging fruits, the ease to create photographs of something different.

For a person living next to sea, seascapes are no longer interesting. Another person residing in city hates the cement forest. Exchange their locations and both of them start clicking photos. A change of place makes a huge difference. It opens up the mind to see new things. All the worries are left behind.

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