Bokeh – Making the most of it!

Quite frequently photographers use shallow depth of field so as to make the main subject stand out. However many photographers forget the effects of this blurred background on the overall image. Bokeh is a fancy term that is used to indicate this out of focus area.

Rice Lights

(Decorative lights with Bokeh – captured with a 135mm lens at f/2.8, 1/160 sec)

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f/8 and be there


(Captured at f/8)

When I had started writing, I had selected ‘f/8 and be there’ as the title for the site itself. This was for a very important reason. Since the time, hand-held cameras started appearing, photographers have been trying to get the sharpest image possible with good depth of field. They also try to capture the moment. Henri Cartier Bresson called it the ‘Decisive Moment’. Press photographers occasionally call it the ‘Story in a photograph’. Those who miss this call it the ‘Photo that got away’.

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