Camera Straps

We are blessed with a huge range of camera straps now a days. There are thin straps and wide straps. Lately I have seen super-wide straps too. Straps that come with cameras and straps that are available separately. Straps that go round the neck, sling straps or straps that wrap round the wrist. Leather straps, neoprene straps, cloth straps, mixed materials……. choice is overwhelming !

I use an inexpensive cotton strap with dull colored stripes. There is no brand-name on it. It has good strong metal pieces and quality stitching. It cost me INR 400 (a little more than 6 USD) on ebay.

The strap absorbs sweat from around my neck when I photograph in warm and humid climates. It is wide enough to be comfortable and not so wide as to be a hindrance. I have seen many a super-wide straps folding on themselves after extended use. Being made of cotton it lets by skin breathe underneath it. No labels means that it attracts less attention too. Whenever I get a chance after a photography session, I throw it in the washing machine along with my clothes.

Camera Straps

Camera Straps – Made of Denim

I have tried everything and found this inexpensive option the best. It is hygienic, healthy, comfortable and the bright colors fade away after a few washes.

Sometimes when I am not in a mood to hang it around my neck, I wrap it around my hand. Interestingly, I was analyzing my style of using my camera and it so happens that most of the times, the strap is there as a second line of protection. I usually put the strap around my neck and hold the camera in my hand, ready to shoot. The weight of the camera is on my neck only when I change lenses or when I have to take something out from my bag. When I am taking a long hike, I store the camera away in my camera bag instead of letting it hang around.

I am all for the Denim straps that I have described above. If you still want to splurge on the strap, National Geographic makes some good straps which even have a couple of pockets, which unlike me some people may find useful.

NG - Camera Strap

National Geographic Camera Strap

Attaching to the D-Rings of your backpack ? Need Harness Clips ?…… You are carrying more gear than required. Do your body a favor and reduce the amount of gear you carry. Same goes for sling straps. They are innovative but you end up with camera attached to the strap at tripod socket and hanging from there. Very wrong distribution of weight and also if you feel that this is useful then you are again carrying too much of weight.

By the way, I have a few unopened Nikon camera straps with me. They can be yours for a couple of beers, if you are still not convinced by my choice

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