Ramlila at Natadol & Behind the Scenes…

With the festival season going on in full frenzy, the village near my place also celebrates the season in its own way. Due to Covid-19, the celebrations were toned down. There was mask on every other face. People avoided gathering up in crowds… and yet the season was festive.

One of the major attractions in the region is ‘Ramlila’ or enactment of the Ramayana. It lasts for ten days. This was an opportunity to capture some interesting scenes from the spectacle and from behind the scenes.

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Rendezvous with Fellow Photographers

Just a few days back, a couple of photographers came to stay at Maini’s Hill Cottages, a homestay run by my family. They were old friends. They came on a family vacation and had their photography gear with them. A photographer will always remain a photographer after all. What followed were two days of great photography and photo-walks and some beautiful moments spent together.

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