Inside my camera bag

I usually carry a small shoulder bag or a messenger style bag for carrying my photography stuff. The bag usually has a camera with a lens mounted on it and sometimes a spare lens. Too many lenses tend to distract me. So I limit myself to just two prime lenses.


Apart from the lenses, my camera bag also has the following items –

  • Lens cleaning microfiber cloth for cleaning any accidental finger prints on the lens or filters
  • A soft but thick brush, which I sometimes use to clean the outside of the camera body
  • Spare memory cards and battery. I use multiple small capacity cards.
  • Small notepad and a pencil / pen
  • Some spare money
  • A rain cover for the camera bag if it is cloudy or when going out for the whole day in rainy season
  • Clear filter and a polarizing filter. Sometimes a ND filter.
  • I used to carry a small penlight which I have now stopped since my mobile phone has this functionality. No more film rolls either which have now been replaced by much smaller and space-efficient memory cards.


Things that I carry on a trip but prefer to leave behind in a hotel room –

  • Battery charger
  • Blower bulb
  • Box for carrying memory cards which I usually wrap in multiple layers of foil
  • Any spare lens which I do not plan to use on the field
  • Backup drive
  • Monopod / Tripod which I really hate to carry around but can be really useful for some shots. If I am traveling in a car, I carry it in the boot. I do not tug it around on me.


Things that I leave back at home –

  • All the lenses that I don’t plan to use. If I am carrying a 135mm lens, I do not carry a 105 or even a 200mm lens. The zooms are comfortable to use but they tend to make one lazy. I prefer to use my feet as zoom.
  • Flashes or speedlights. I use them only for studio portraits, product photography, some stop movement kind of photos and very rarely for macro.
  • Cleaning equipment – Sensor Swabs and liquid, Fujin Cleaner, any magnification aids for viewing
  • Laptop – I do post-processing in the comfort of my home. It is carry forward from dark-room for me. I never carried my chemicals, developing equipment, enlarger etc with me, so why should I post-process anywhere except in my house, with the comfort my chair and my desk? I am also not a photographer who spends months on the road.



(A waterfalls that I had clicked by placing my camera on a rock. Shutter Speed 1/4 sec. It was a steep trail to the waterfalls and I would not have made it had I been carrying my tripod, though the tripod would have really helped. I had used a ND filter to reduce the brightness.)

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2 thoughts on “Inside my camera bag

  1. What is the best stuff to clean the glass?
    I got the cloth but anything I should put on it?
    Thank you for your insight and wisdom and you time.


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