Have you overdone it? (Part 2)

In continuation with the earlier article – Have you overdone it?, here, I’ll be pointing out some more very obvious errors. If you are committing these mistakes, try to avoid them in the future. If you are not, well and good, don’t go overboard with photo-editing or post-processing.

Remember, this article is to train your eyes to observe. So, stare at these images and see the flaws. Don’t try to skimp through it. Read this only if you have time and patience. Once you learn to see the flaws in photographs that would otherwise go unnoticed, you’ll start seeing the obvious darkroom flaws everywhere. Remember, you have been warned!


Overporcessed Image

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Avoid these 5 mistakes! (Not related to camera)

Everyone makes mistakes. I did and still do. From creating film-rolls which were a total waste to present day digital files from which not even a decent image can be recovered.  Yes. I do commit mistakes and keep on doing so. Here is a list of non-technical mistakes that I find quite common (by me and my photography colleagues). Some of them are technical whereas others are related to expanding our visualization of photographs.


Horse driven carriage

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