Frog Rock at Bhimtal

On way to Bhimtal, from Kathgodam, there is this rock which has become a stop over point for many tourists. Some click selfies and others just sit there. The rock is located just before the town of Bhimtal and on the side of the road. Some of the locals are scared of going near it. What is it that attracts tourists to this point and why is that bad?


Barricade and the Rock

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When the clouds clear up!

On a wet autumn evening, when the clouds are all over the sky and thunderstorms frequent, only a handful of people want to venture out. For photographers, these are opportunities to be encashed. Beautiful photographs can be made. With a plan to capture some beautiful fall pictures, I stepped out with a group of friends. Leaving the comfort of dry place behind, we trekked on a muddy path, with our feet wet, mud everywhere but spirits high! After all, we were in the lap of nature.


Clouds in the Valley

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Wood-Fire Stove

Most of the time when I want to travel or indulge in photography, I prefer to hit the hills. Somehow they never fail to attract me. Armed with my camera, I just need a reason to escape to the hills. I started early morning on one fine day for one such trip. After photographing the first rays of the sun and a few landscapes in the crisp chilling weather of autumn, hunger struck me. Was it because I could smell something nice being cooked at a small roadside shack? Maybe that this was exactly what was needed for the famished photographer.



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Cascade near Do-Gaon

With the monsoon season, well advanced, rains have taken their hold on the hills of Kumaon. The persistent cloud cover and high humidity gets quite depressing after a time. It also happens to my late grandmother’s birthday, who I was very fond of.

After a week of almost incessant rains, today, the weather cleared up a little. It was not raining but the sky was still overcast. The diffused light from overcast sky is what I needed for a photograph I had in mind. Armed with my camera, I once again set out to photograph some more cascades that appear with the rains.


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Summer festival in a village

With the end of summer season round the corner, Natadol, a small laid-back village in Kumaon organized a summer festival. The people of Kumaon are very proud of their heritage and culture and this event was an ideal platform to showcase that. The three day festival had all the villagers coming together, participating and putting forth three days of simple yet engaging performances. I was lucky enough to be a part of this festival and witnessed the culture of Kumaon from within.


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