Stop Overdoing Things!

It’s winter around here, and a freezing one at that. Today morning, I sat down, all wrapped up in warm clothes, and started to browse through some old magazines. I have a few editions of National Geographic from the 1990s. The photographs from these old magazines are so soul-stirring. Every photograph says something. Where are such photographers now?

Bridge over a mountain stream

(Bridge over a mountain stream – About a half minute exposure at f/16, ISO 50, with an ND filter on.)

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Have you overdone it? (Part 3)

I have already written two articles with the same name and a few others touching on the same theme. Today, yet another of my reader requested to write some more on this theme. So, here I go. The writing is going to be a difficult one, especially with my kids listening to ‘wheels on the bus go round and round’. It’s a catchy tune and somehow digs into my brains… aargh.

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Have you overdone it? (Part 2)

In continuation with the earlier article – Have you overdone it?, here, I’ll be pointing out some more very obvious errors. If you are committing these mistakes, try to avoid them in the future. If you are not, well and good, don’t go overboard with photo-editing or post-processing.

Remember, this article is to train your eyes to observe. So, stare at these images and see the flaws. Don’t try to skimp through it. Read this only if you have time and patience. Once you learn to see the flaws in photographs that would otherwise go unnoticed, you’ll start seeing the obvious darkroom flaws everywhere. Remember, you have been warned!


Overporcessed Image

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Revisiting raw files

There are some special places that we like to visit again and again. That beautiful cottage on the hills with a view, that roadside cafe selling your favorite coffee, that corner store with its oddball collections, that winding road on the hills… the list goes on. There are our favorite songs that we never get tired of hearing or the movie that can always entertain us. For me, my old photographs are also a precious treasure, which I love to visit again and again. However, this time, I thought of revisiting the raw files!


New Photo

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