Learning to Instagram (Part 2)

This is in continuation of the basics article that I wrote some time back on this theme. Do check this out first, if you still haven’t – Learning to Instagram

I am one of the late entrants to Instagram society. What started as a peer pressure based step is now, more or less, a way to showcase some of my photographs. Though, I personally still consider it a waste of time, but then there it is! I am an Instagram user and if you are reading this, then hello friend!, you too are most probably a user.

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Learning to Instagram

Peer pressure, way of marketing, social media pressure… call it what you may, but the sad truth is that now I am on Instagram. My nametag (the term that I learnt from Instagram) is: maini.live

Based on what I have learnt over the last few days of this platform, here is a quick guide to those of you planning to start with it and also for the veterans who have been there for a long time.


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Over the last few years, selfie has taken over the mobile camera users by storm. There are mobiles everywhere and now every mobile is equipped with some kind of camera. Selfie is the ‘in-thing’. My family members are crazy about selfies.

In fact, the last time when I went to purchase my mobile phone, the salesman kept on telling me about the features and capabilities of the camera in the phone. I had to interrupt him multiple times and explain that I wanted to buy a phone to be used as a phone and not a camera. People buy phones for camera capabilities now and so obsession with selfies was bound to become popular.

Taking a Selfie (CC0 License)

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