When the clouds clear up!

On a wet autumn evening, when the clouds are all over the sky and thunderstorms frequent, only a handful of people want to venture out. For photographers, these are opportunities to be encashed. Beautiful photographs can be made. With a plan to capture some beautiful fall pictures, I stepped out with a group of friends. Leaving the comfort of dry place behind, we trekked on a muddy path, with our feet wet, mud everywhere but spirits high! After all, we were in the lap of nature.


Clouds in the Valley

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Another Hill Trip – Phone vs Camera!

Hills pull me towards them. Couple of days back, I had gone to visit the hills, once again. Plan was made on the spur of a moment and soon everything was packed and I was ready to travel- my camera bag, a book and then my clothes (in the same order). I started off in the afternoon. It was raining heavily. The roads were deserted even in the middle of the day. Sometimes it felt like as if I was driving under a waterfalls. Quite a downpour.

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Drive in Kumaon

I got another opportunity to enjoy driving in the Kumaon region of the lower Himalayas. The trip was mostly for some work at my cottages (Maini’s Hill Cottages), but as always I took my camera along. I had enough luggage space in my car so I carried three lenses and even a tripod hoping to click some good photographs. After a few hours of drive, I reached the base of the hills. The Himalayas rose majestically in front of me. Few more minutes and I would be driving there. So did this trip give me any photography opportunities?

Hill Road in Kumaon

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