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Maini’s Mind is a collection of articles on photography. There are techniques and suggestions to improve photography, occasional reviews, tips and tricks, as well as random thoughts on various aspects of photography.


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  • Caterpillar takes a stroll - One fine afternoon, I was greeted by excited shrieks of some kids in the neighborhood. They had found a caterpillar and beautiful looking one at that. A nice photo-opportunity for me. I quickly mounted my favorite Nikkor 105mm macro lens (Micro Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 AI-s) onto my camera and hurried to the place. I also […]
  • Stand out from the crowd - With the easy availability of cameras and at very affordable prices, the number of people clicking photos is at its all time high. Some famous photographers have gone to the extent of saying that anything and everything that can be photographed has already been photographed. So, how do you make your photograph stand out from […]
  • HDR Photography - Since the time photography started, photographers have been trying to capture the maximum possible range of lighting conditions in their photographs. Ansel Adams perfected the zone system and worked on burning & dodging techniques in his darkroom. Film companies researched and came out with films that could capture higher and higher range of exposure values. […]
  • Facts about Nikon (which you did not know, or did you?) - Are you a die-hard Nikon fan? If you are, then here is a compilation of some interesting facts about Nikon. Some of these are just bits of history where as some others are crazy.   (Nikon F3 camera with some Nikon lenses)
  • Petzval Lenses - Petzval 85mm and 58mm lenses are two focal lengths available presently and both of them are characterized by their immensely swirly bokeh, strong field curvature, and sharp central focus. For lomography lovers and for photographers who long for something different, these happen to be a very attractive lenses. (Petzval 85mm f/2.2 lenses, in golden and […]


A complete list of my writings is available here – Index of Articles


My articles are mostly my thoughts related to photography. They are greatly influenced by how I visualize images and photograph them. My writings are also based on what photographers usually ask me or what visitors to this site want me to write about. English is not my first language or mother-tongue but I write articles in this language so as to reach out to more and more people.

For me photography is a medium of expression. A photographer is always a student and so am I. Everyday, I am learning new things, seeing the world in a different way. I will be happy to help anyone who wants to join me in this wonderful quest.

Dr. Shivam Maini
This is me. I am a photographer and a photography coach for many. I do not own expensive cameras and I love creating photographs using whatever camera I can lay my hands on.

Photography has been a love affair for me which has kept touching my life every now and then. I have started writing recently. If you like my articles, do keep checking back from time to time. If you want me to focus on any specific topic which I have not yet covered, get in touch with me. I take time out to read each and every message that reaches me.

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