Moving in a herd?

Follow the leader. This was a game that I used to play as a kid. The aim was to follow the person who was chosen as the leader. Failure to follow the leader meant that I was out of the game. Quite frequently, I was left standing while the other kids went on playing. Now that I have grown up, I still fail to follow the leader.


Dark Waterfalls


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Learning to Instagram

Peer pressure, way of marketing, social media pressure… call it what you may, but the sad truth is that now I am on Instagram. My nametag (the term that I learnt from Instagram) is:

Based on what I have learnt over the last few days of this platform, here is a quick guide to those of you planning to start with it and also for the veterans who have been there for a long time.


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Social Media Photography Competitions

Recently, I have been witnessing a huge number of photography competitions being conducted online. Today I sat for many hours visiting all these photography competitions and was shocked. How low is the photography going? It seems that now some people come together, form a group and conduct photography competitions. Some of these are on a daily basis too!


Hills at Natadol

(Photograph to fill the space and break the monotony of text.)


Some of the things that I noticed consistently in most of these photography competitions –

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