Macro Photography

There is an unseen world in small details waiting to be discovered. Going close and photographing these small details is what makes macro photography special. There are different definitions for macro photography. Macro photography is generally termed as photographs that are taken at close proximity to the subject in a manner that the scene in front of the lens being captured is of the same size as the sensor. The lens has to focus really close for this.

Flower bud photographed with Sigma 105mm macro EX DG lens on Nikon D200

(Flower bud photographed with Sigma 105mm macro EX DG lens mounted on a Nikon D200 body, f/8, 1/250 sec at ISO 100)

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Bokeh – Making the most of it!

Quite frequently photographers use shallow depth of field so as to make the main subject stand out. However many photographers forget the effects of this blurred background on the overall image. Bokeh is a fancy term that is used to indicate this out of focus area.

Rice Lights

(Decorative lights with Bokeh – captured with a 135mm lens at f/2.8, 1/160 sec)

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Camera Shake – How to avoid it?

Unintentional blur which is caused by camera movement can take a toll on good photographs. Large amount of camera shake appears as obvious blurs or multiple overlapping images. What many photographers do not know if that small amount of camera shake can soften the image without causing any obvious blurs. Camera shake is best prevented by use of some simple techniques and precautions.

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Phone camera for photography

Today a friend told me that he has been using his mobile phone camera to do photography. Were there any quick tips to help him?

In my opinion, camera never matters. Any good camera can be used, even the built in cameras from mobiles. Good photographs are created by the people behind the camera. First step to creating good photos is to learn the functioning of the camera itself. (Knowing my camera) Depending on the mobile phone, the camera may have various settings available. Color temperature, exposure Value and compensation, High Dynamic Range (HDR), flash, option to use manual settings, various built in filters. Each of these should be explored and understood.


(Seawall made of cement stones – clicked using Oppo R2001)

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