Stuff Happens…. Anecdotes from Night Photography

Few days back, one of my readers pointed out that apart from the basics involved in capturing night landscapes, star trails, milky way, etc, I should also write about the challenges and common mistakes. Every other time, whenever I am out photographing the night landscapes, some anecdote or the other happens. From simple mistakes to incidents that have become memories to cherish, every photo-shoot is unique.

Starry Sky

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Aiming for the Milky Way

I have been clicking lots of nightscapes and star trails lately. Just a few days back, I saw a photograph of Milky-Way, shared in a Whatsapp group. More than the photograph, what interested me was the statement that the person who had captured the photograph, had spent a large number of months (maybe years) and lots of failed shots before achieving that photograph. The photograph was nice but this statement appeared exactly out of the reality shows, trying to strum some emotional chords in the hearts of some gullible readers. I thought, why not click some milky-way shots as well when I am doing star-trails next time.


Milky Way behind Maini's Hill Cottages

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Apple Pie – Improving Composition

Just a few days back, I was treated to a delicious apple-pie, baked by my better half. However, as the trend is nowadays, I had to first photograph it, and only after that could I take a bite out of it. So, here is how the photograph came about. This was captured for sharing on Instagram to promote our homestay (Maini’s Hill Cottages).


Apple Pie

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