Have you overdone it? (Part 2)

In continuation with the earlier article – Have you overdone it?, here, I’ll be pointing out some more very obvious errors. If you are committing these mistakes, try to avoid them in the future. If you are not, well and good, don’t go overboard with photo-editing or post-processing.

Remember, this article is to train your eyes to observe. So, stare at these images and see the flaws. Don’t try to skimp through it. Read this only if you have time and patience. Once you learn to see the flaws in photographs that would otherwise go unnoticed, you’ll start seeing the obvious darkroom flaws everywhere. Remember, you have been warned!


Overporcessed Image

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Learning to Instagram (Part 2)

This is in continuation of the basics article that I wrote some time back on this theme. Do check this out first, if you still haven’t – Learning to Instagram

I am one of the late entrants to Instagram society. What started as a peer pressure based step is now, more or less, a way to showcase some of my photographs. Though, I personally still consider it a waste of time, but then there it is! I am an Instagram user and if you are reading this, then hello friend!, you too are most probably a user.

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An Evening With Clouds

Today evening, by the time I had finished my work, there was a cloud cover all around. Some amount of fog also was there. I had done all of my farming and gardening work for the day. There had been rains on and off throughout the day. Now there was just an overcast. The evening was going to be for photography.


Distant Trees

(Distant trees through a gap in floating clouds)

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Capturing Starry Skies

Lockdowns have cleared the atmosphere a lot. Even in cities, now, the night skies can be seen dotted with stars. Earlier, I had written about creating star-trails. Here, I will write about how to photograph starry skies (and not create star-trails).


Starry Sky

(Starry Sky – Photographed using a 25mm lens. The photographs in this article have been processed to appear realistic. They look better on large screen displays than on mobile phones.)

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Lock-Down & Photography

The lock-down is terrible and as per the authorities, this is the only way out. So, I started off with various tasks to keep me busy. Most of them were the tasks that I had been postponing for a long time. Creating Back-Ups, cleaning up the storage, post-processing some old files again, polishing my photo-editing skills, and catching up on lots of reading. Still, there are times when I miss going out and photographing. Today, I took out my camera and started clicking whatever I could.


Trishul Peak in Morning

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