Trip to Jageshwar Temples

On a visit to Kumaon hills, I came to know about Jageshwar, a group of old temples near the town of Almora. The temples are more than a thousand years old and surrounded by lush green forests of deodars and other coniferous trees. Away from the tourist map, the place is rarely visited by people. Only on some religious occasions do the locals gather up there. It sounded like a perfect destination for the photographer in me.

Temple Walls at Jageshwar

(Temple Walls at Jageshwar – Nikon D200)

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Drive in Kumaon

I got another opportunity to enjoy driving in the Kumaon region of the lower Himalayas. The trip was mostly for some work at my cottages (Maini’s Hill Cottages), but as always I took my camera along. I had enough luggage space in my car so I carried three lenses and even a tripod hoping to click some good photographs. After a few hours of drive, I reached the base of the hills. The Himalayas rose majestically in front of me. Few more minutes and I would be driving there. So did this trip give me any photography opportunities?

Hill Road in Kumaon

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