Swinging Chameleon

Today morning, I had to do step out of my bed early in the morning. Vegetables had to be bought and early market seems to the favored time by missus and the vendors. Anyway what had to be done, had to be done. Got up early in the morning, went to the market, bought bags of groceries and came back home. The good part about getting up in the morning even on a non-photography, non-outing day is that sometimes interesting things can be spotted at home itself.


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The Wonder that were Slides

After spending a few years with bare necessities, I have now planned on getting all my stuff shifted to my new place. It is a small house but with a view of the hills. While packing my things, I saw a drawer full of 35mm slides or transparencies. There was a small portable slide viewer too along with them. All this was quite nostalgic and made me take a trip down the memory lane while I sat there, among all these priceless treasures scattered all around me. Packing tape and cartons could wait a few minutes.


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Creating Memories, Not Photographs

My parents recently visited me. We went out for a couple of outings. While I was busy composing my photographs there, they were happily snap-shooting away. I pointed out that those photographs were not clear, they needed refinement in composition and lighting was also poor. Even the faces were not recognizable at times. Their simple reply stunned me – photographs may not be clear but they will help keep our memories clear! A rock-solid reason and a point well taken.


Lonely Tree

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