Capturing Emotions – Sadness & Despair

On a recent photography assignment, I was capturing lots of smiling faces and street portraits. Later in the evening, when I was discussing with a friend of mine, he suggested that since I was already photographing on the streets, why not capture sadness and despair. So, here are a few photographs that try to show those feelings too. I’ll also try to decode the photograph itself to show why it gives those feelings.

Photograph of a sad man
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Maintaining a Healthy Lawn

With a flat patch of land in front, it was obvious for me to plan a nice green stretch of lawn there. Images floated around in my thoughts, with me relaxing on the green-green grass on a nice sunny day, with a bottle of beer, some soft music in the background, and a book in my hand! The clouds floating around in the sky and an occasional wisp of cool mountain breeze.

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