Drooling over Fujifilm X-Pro 3

Photographers are cursing this model. Some of them are saying that Fuji has gone crazy. However, the camera reviews and discussions were enough to get even a Nikon user like me interested. What has Fujifilm done here?

Famous for its vibrant film roles, we old-timers remember Fuji as a brand synonymous with landscapes and fine art photography. In the digital era, we carried on with whatever system we had and Fuji was left to people who bought their cameras. I, being a Nikon user, had everything built around Nikon and so I stuck to that. (My oldest Nikkor lens that I use with my camera, is a used lens that I had bought long back and it was manufactured even before my birth!) So, as circumstances had it, I slowly and slowly forgot about Fuji and their marvelous films.

With the recent discussions around X-Pro 3, a photographer friend of mine instructed me to check it out. He said that this was a camera made for me. Advice taken. This is what I have found out –


Film camera feel

I am a user of Nikon Df. A digital camera in a body that mimics old Nikon SLR models. Manual controls all around, dials and knob, even an old style Nikon wording. To use my old manual focus lenses, I have also changed the focusing screen with a split screen and a microprism collar (Staying Focused). Even after years of its launch, this is my favorite go to camera. It connects me with photography. (Nikon Df on Nikon’s website)

Fuji Pro-X 3 has done something similar. First and foremost, they have hidden away the LCD preview screen. Instead, the back part of the body sports a small screen that displays exposure information and the ‘film roll’ in use when film simulation is switched on. Reminds me of the pocket that used to be there in film SLRs to hold the paper from the film roll. Niiiiiicccceeee…. This does make me happy.

Fuji claims that this will reduce ‘chimping’. I am not sure about that but it is a good thought. Those of us who chimp will still open the screen (or maybe buy another camera model and those of us who don’t, it doesn’t matter which camera we use. (To Chimp or Not To)

The titanium body looks quite appealing. It is things such as these that hit an emotional chord with me. Add a leather cover and a strap and the camera should be something that I’ll love to carry around in the city.


(Back of Fujifilm X Pro 3 – Image from Fujifilm’s site)


My next camera?

This may be what I was waiting for. The only trouble, it is a mirrorless. The viewfinder is a hybrid one. A pure electronic viewfinder detaches me from photography but this one should be a helpful one. The only reason I am thinking about the viewfinder is because of the other steps that Fujifilm has taken with this camera, enchanting me as a result.

As per Fujifilm, in optical viewfinder (OVF) mode, various shooting data and electronic level can be displayed in addition to electronic bright frame display. In the electronic viewfinder (EVF) mode, precise focusing with an enlarged view, confirmation of the depth of field, display of various shooting data and electronic level are available. The modes can be switched any time. This does seem impressive. I did not try any of their earlier models but maybe I will give X-Pro3 a try.

The bliss of no preview screen, the comfort of in-camera processing using film simulations and a display showing which film is in use. super cool !!! That’s the way to go. Manual dials… love them. Not as expensive as a Leica. What more can I ask for?

The sensor is also the latest X-Trans CMOS IV.  This is touted as having very good high ISO performance and the images appear very natural.

Here’s their official page – Fujifilm X-Pro3



If I have to move to mirrorless sometime, this is what I’ll opt for and also their ‘premium body suit’ (BLC-XPRO3) and a leather strap (just for the beauty and not for its practicality). What’s stopping me? Just a good Nikon to Fujifilm mount adapter! After all, what will I do with all my wonderful lenses if I buy a Fujifilm camera?

Or maybe… I’ll keep saving and buy a Leica M Monochrom with a good lens, provided I am able to see of all my existing Nikon system and have the strength to spend so much of money. For those of you planning to drool on this Leica – Leica M Monochrom


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